PHARMD, CrossFit L2, Advanced USA Weightlifting Coach, Certified International Science of Sports Nutritionist, CrossFit Mobility

Nathan first came across the CrossFit.com programming back in 2007 when a fellow medical resident shared his positive experience with the community. Nathan started performing the workouts from the website, researching the movements, nutrition and lifestyle philosophies, for a better understanding of the exercise and nutritional science at hand. There were no CrossFit gyms (aka "boxes") in his area at the time, or at least within a commutable distance with affordable pricing.

Fast forward to 2009/2010, after acquiring his CrossFit Nutrition Certificate at a seminar with Dr Robb Wolf and Dr Matt Lalonde and his Level 1 training certificate, he decided to join a local box that was expanding rapidly shortly after opening. The experience was life changing, the rest is history. After several years of training and incorporating the lifestyle habits of CrossFit, Nathan decided to slowly start dedicating more time to coaching, eventually going in full time in 2014, also launching his own lifestyle management consulting service utilizing his knowledge of lifestyle choices in preventing and reversing disease (knowledge acquired through his studies and practice as a Doctor of Pharmacy).

In 2015, Nathan decided to pursue dedicated training in weightlifting while continuing to coach CrossFit and eventually weightlifting and strength courses. The decision was multi-fold, firstly his at the time girlfriend and now wife/gym co-owner Snow, became more and more successful with weightlifting and secondly because the snatch, clean and jerk and squats were a growing weak point to his cardiovascular fitness abilities.

Under the coaching of Dave Lussier, and eventually Yasha Kahn, Vasily Polovnikov and James Wright, Nathan worked his way to several American Open Series regional events, Master's Weightlifting Nationals and Master's World Championships, all the while continuously learning about the history and philosophies of weightlifting training. He now dedicates most of his time to his coaching and consulting, incorporating a multitude of weightlifting variations to his programs to improve strength, resilience, build weak points and reduce injury risks.

His coaching and programming philosophy have developed into the mind set of "train today to train tomorrow", as his experience truths mindful consistency and undaunted commitment as the major keys to success. Nathan also holds seminar experience in CrossFit Mobility, Hybrid Athletic Training, Movement Correction, and Injury Prevention/Management.


CrossFit L2, USA Weightlifting Coach, CrossFit Mobility, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, MAT

I learned about CrossFit and functional fitness training in Rhode Island while in the midst of grad school and training for an ironman triathlon. I never felt "in shape" at all up through college (except playing Varsity golf) until I decided it was time to get myself in shape.​


Walking into a big warehouse-like box was super intimidating for me at first since I knew nothing about barbells, but I dove headfirst and told myself I would learn new things, and absolutely LOVED it.​ I became a Level 1 CrossFit trainer in 2012 and since then have been coaching part-time alongside being a graphic designer, formerly a high school teacher before moving back to Oregon in 2016.

Being a new mom, I have switched a lot of my own approach to fitness away from advanced competition and toward longevity and sustainability; while programming, I take into account our clients and their goals...keeping everyone strong, injury free while also making sure workouts stay exciting.​ I love seeing someone get their first pull up, or PR their clean & jerk, seeing someone get their first box jump, or hearing of our masters athletes reversing osteoporosis and improving their lab results.

The environment of being in this type of gym is by far the most motivating and inspiring place to come to for a workout…everyone here has the same values of “bettering themselves” and achieving more through health and fitness, and the other members here love sharing your accomplishments and help keep you accountable. Allow yourself to learn, try, fail, achieve, fall down, get back up, get out of your comfort zone, and thrive.​​


Snow is the owner of artofbarbell.com. She was also Fittest Athlete in Rhode Island for the CrossFit Open 2015 and placed 247th worldwide in the 2016 CrossFit Open (27th place in the NorthEast region). She is an Oregon Weightlifting record holder for the 55kg class for snatch, clean & jerk and total, and was a bronze medalist (53kg) for USAW American Open 2016 on team Catalyst Athletics.