Southern Oregon's first scaled-only competition for the everyday athlete! This competition will feature beginner (Foundations) and Intermediate levels, as well as Masters (75+ age combined, min. 35+) and Legends (105+ age combined, min 45+).



Partner Teams (team = 1 male + 1 female)*:


Foundations Open (any age combo)

Foundations Masters (combined age 75-104)

Foundations Legends (combined age 105+)

Intermediate Open (any age combo)

Intermediate Masters (combined age 75-104)

Intermediate Legends (combined age 105+)

*Teams with both athletes 17 & under may be any gender combination

for Foundations Category only. 

There will be NO minimum on the number of teams to sign up for any division

(so if you are the only team in your division, you automatically get placement if you complete all of the workouts!) 

Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams in each division.

Cap of 50 teams total.

View division standards and more event details at Competition Corner below.



Informative Seminar by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Elizabeth Kania

Saturday August 20th, 10:15am at Iron Haven

Cost: $15

This seminar might actually challenge a lot of your beliefs about back pain! There are
a lot of narratives surrounding back pain that aren’t based off any evidence and do
more harm than good. Dr. Kania will present us with more context behind back pain, what it is
and what it is not, along with some tips for management of an acute episode.

• The Burden & Complexity of Lower Back Pain

• Brief overview of Pain
• Basic Anatomy
• Specifics on Nonspecific Low Back Pain
• Classification of Low Back Pain
• Why Do Some People Develop Chronic Issues?
• Self Management of Acute Low Back Pain

(exercises, posture and core stabilization)



Informative Seminar by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Elle Carlson

Saturday August 27th, 10:15am at Iron Haven

Cost: $15

We've asked Dr. Elle Carlson of Mobility Innovated to give some of us ladies a run down on pelvic floor health since it's one of the most common asked-about items when concerning physical performance.


If you’re curious about the pelvic floor, know you need some guidance here, or are navigating the changes surrounding pregnancy & birth (whether recently or if its been awhile!), join us!


This seminar will cover:

• What makes up the pelvic floor?

• What is its general function in every day life and exercise?

• Stress & Urge Incontinence – Causes & Tips for addressing these

• Diastasis recti – What is it & What impacts its development and recovery?